What is a PC and Why HB2839 Is So Horrible

The primary role of a PC is to directly-support, facilitate, educate, and coordinate fellow voters within their immediate community. They are each responsible for about 125 voters (in their adjacent streets, apartment complex, HOA, or other logical boundary).

They are responsible for following-up with voters to assure they are registered; Keeping track of who moves into their area of concern, to assure new residents get registered, know where their polling places are, who their representatives are, etc…

They also help candidates of various offices collect signatures, place or retrieve signs/campaign materials; support events/tables/campaign operations, etc…

Some PC’s are elevated to Precinct Captains – who are responsible for coordinating activities and fellow committeemen within their precinct.

PC’s also vote for their Legislative District, County, and State-level political party representatives.

This is the crux and key concern about the PC Kill Bill (HB2839) – they want to eliminate PC’s elected by the voters, and hand-pick/appoint one puppet PC from each precinct instead. That way the party in power could elect RINO’s or even take the party over by appointing leftist PC’s.