Voter Verification & Reporting System

As a PC, you are on the front-lines of assuring Voter and Election Integrity. That begins with clean and accurate Voter Records. Use this tool to report inaccurate voter and/or address records that you discover in your precinct canvassing, petitioning, and registration efforts.

Every eligible US Citizen, over the age of 18, who is still breathing – has the right to vote. Use this tool to report cases where your walk list shows registered voters at invalid addresses, or to voters who appear to have voted in previous elections but do not reside at their registered addresses.

The AFPP.RED Voter Integrity Team will attempt to locate these voters to update their registration. We will also report any fraudulent use of their registration, mail-in ballots, or other election fraud if they are deceased or not valid residents, but have records of voting in prior elections.

Note: You do not have to fill out all fields, but please be as accurate as possible.