What is a Precinct Committeeman?

The first step to becoming a Precinct Committeeman is understanding what a PC does and how they fit within the overall party structure. Your state may have a different name or title for “PC” it could be referred to as a “Precinct Coordinator” or use gender-specific “Committeeman/-woman/-person” or something completely unique like “Voter Precinct Organizer”. The most common term, however, is “PC” – and there is a place for you in this important role!

At its core, a PC is responsible for knowing and communicating with their neighbors – People who literally live next door and on the same street as they do. As a representative of your party, you must be informed on current events, key political issues, and know the names of your Legislative and Congressional leaders. In Arizona, there is one PC assigned for every 125 Registered Voters within a precinct. An average of two or three people live in a home, and most likely 2/3 to all of them will be of the same party. So if you have 25-30 houses on either side of your street and you knock on all those doors – you will likely meet 125 registered or eligible voters!

This is not a game of go-fish. Your Precinct Captain will have maps with the names and party-affiliations of all the voters in your neighborhood. This is the same for Republicans, Democrats, and any third-party affiliations. These lists are maintained by the Secretary of State and/or County Recorder. There are various maps, apps, and other methods to identify your area’s voters and establish a walking route to engage them all. The most important aspect of this is to identify new voters (Just moved into the community from or recently turned/are about to turn 18).

Voters often forget to update their voter registration when they move. That means within the city, or from county-to-county, and obviously from State-to-State. Your job as a PC is to assure every eligible voter is identified and registered. The best way to do that is electronically – they can use your tablet/ipad or phone. You can assist them by emailing or texting them the online link and walk them through registering on their own device/computer.

There was a time when we carried actual voter registration papers and delivered them on behalf of voters. We DO NOT advise this method if at all possible! We do not want our PC’s walking around with what is effectively the personally-identifiable information of their community members in-hand. There may be a place for this at in-person voter drives within a nursing home or places where electronics or internet access is simply not an option. If you are flying or driving to a remote oil derrick or pit mine to register the field crews, maybe paper is the only appropriate option. Otherwise, use your electronic/wireless devices!

Your job is to know who your local voters are, make sure they are registered to vote, and inform them on the issues and candidates that are representing them within the School District, City, County, State, Federally, and in any other commissions, boards, counsels, or other elected or appointed offices. It seems like a lot, but you are generally working ahead of specific election or bond issue. Bonds are extremely important because they are usually written and titled to confuse voters into thinking they’re getting something they are not. As a rule of thumb, one should always vote NO on any new bond or initiative regardless of what it says. As a PC you need to get out there and explain why it is important for voters to participate in ALL elections, not just the President or Governor races.

Perfect examples of why voter participation is critical: Look at the anti-Liberty, anti-Law and Order, anti-America Mayors, Sheriffs, DA/State’s Attorneys, School Boards, and other local-level politicians and appointees who have laid waste to our education system, policing and pubic safety, businesses and commerce, and personal freedoms! These assaults on our communities were not inflicted by unhinged leftists at the Federal level – they were implemented and enforced at the local level. EVERY ELECTION COUNTS! As a PC you are responsible for registering every eligible voter, and getting every single voter active and participating in every single election and vote they are eligible to cast!

As a PC, you are the “grassroots” – this is a literal term – a foot soldier – the foundation of your Political Party’s organization and effectiveness. Your engagement with voters is to educate and inform them of issues and candidates. You will be collecting a lot of signatures for various purposes – either for candidates or for petitions that recall candidates that have failed their communities. You will be asked to support and attend fundraisers and public events that support candidates or bring awareness to issues. You will be called-upon to make phone or outbound text message contacts for candidates or issue-awareness campaigns. You will be needed to support poll worker or poll watching needs during elections – which is always the highest honor and privilege a PC can have within their community. There are various functions and roles a PC serves, which we will detail further. The Maricopa County GOP has published a succinct guide to PC responsibilities that accurately reflect what a PC’s responsibilities would be in any other State or County:


If you are ready to step-up and join the ranks of Patriots who literally drive and effect change for the better of our Republic – please follow the links on how to become a PC in your State and County. For Maricopa County, you can take your first steps here…

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