Jovan Hutton Pulitzer casts paper ballot analysis for Arizona 2020 election

Here are some highlights from Jovan’s cast he did on locals the other night.  His company is Kinematic Artifact Systems and they deal with the paper ballots, that’s where you find the election fraud.
I watched the video twice and paused then typed these highlights.

  1. Ballot Modification report, there were 234,000 changes to ballots.  No one has ever seen the fraud at this detail because a forensic audit was never done before. There are votes inserted and the unique phenomenon, for Biden voters, is the oval was filled out perfectly.  They have the evidence.
  1. According to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, Trump won Arizona. He can’t tell us by how much because he has to let AG Brnovich announce it.
  1. A lot of the down ticket players on the ballot were selected not elected, this holds true for the Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. They are the ones that are in charge.
  1. The Legislators are already working on documents for decertification, whatever they have to do but it can be done and they are doing it.
  1. Right now, this is the single largest vacating of Democrats leaving their seats because they don’t want to get caught up in this mess.
  1.  Jovan, in his opinion, Trump won all 50 states and that’s my opinion as well.
  1. “They may not be able to decertify the election” this just means they’re slow walking the process.  Think RINO Rusty Bowers.  Every Secretary of State is saying they can’t decertify but that’s just them telegraphing to the general public and media. They are in a panic but they are still trying to debunk the forensic audit in Arizona, saying you can’t decertify an election, they are lying.
  1. Jovan has seen indictments and pleas already.  He keeps pressuring them hard because we need them to get rid of the machines.  It won’t happen for 2022 but we knew that already.
  1. There’s “voter fraud” and “election fraud”. Voter fraud is nothing but low hanging fruit where election fraud is the officials and that’s the play we want.
  1. Jovan is giving the AG names and who is responsible for each criminal activity.
  1. A lot of democrats voted for Trump.
  1. Shiva is a never Trumper and he is a bad actor, don’t be fooled by him.  I 100% agree with Jovan based on Shiva’s report to the Arizona Senate, he’s trying to debunk Jovan’s work but Shiva is wrong.
  1.  Here’s why they did the slow walk, if you want to insert ballots to SELECT candidates you have to know how many ballots are needed to rig the election, this is how it was done.  We caught them.

There are two reports, Batch Modification and Batch Cadencing report. They are both available free for download and all you need to enter is your email address.  The download is located here:

Batch Modification report from a previous cast.Everything is done from a historical standpoint, they looked back several years for comparison, and the norm for ballot modification is 1% to 2%.  The 2020 election was not even close to the norm, I can’t remember what the percentage was but it was astronomical in comparison to past elections and is NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Below is a graph explaining each point of the batch modification report graph.——————————————————Maricopa Data Visualization Charts for BATCH MODIFICATION REPORTS 2489

There are 2,489 data visualization graphs that contain 4 reports in each graph.Below is one actual graph that contains 4 reports that I pulled from the downloaded file.

A lot of people have downloaded the file so it may not be available immediately or it may already have been removed.

There is no excuse for all the ballots that came in on election day, why did they only count 30% and the rest of the batches were counted in December?  This will be a data visualization report and easy to understand.
Point: There were approximately 165,844 ballots voted on election day and every one of those ballot images are missing.  This should negate the entire 2020 election.
Ask yourself why they did they slow walk the ballot counting? They actually started counting in October with early voting and mail in ballots.  They already knew by November 3rd who was winning.  If you want to SELECT candidates you have to know how many ballots are needed to rig the election, this is how it was done.

Batch Cadencing report from another cast.You can look at the election from the moment they started processing batches of ballots.

#Arizona 1675 Boxes of Ballots, but only 52 were sealed according to compliance and standards & practices. Those specific 52 were HAND CHOSEN by the AZ SoS and MCBOS on election day. Wonder why? Here are the Trump ballots in those boxes expressed as visual data. See the issue? 

The Batch Cadencing report file download contains a short video explaining how to read the data visualization.  Once again, the download is located here: for both files.
I hope this helps explain some of the criminal activity that occurred in the 2020 election.  Remember, it’s ELECTION FRAUD not VOTER FRAUD that we want people to get indicted and convicted.  If you care to follow Jovan he’s on a lot of social media sites but if you are a paid subscriber on he gives you information before any other site.  You can also chat during his cast with other people and it’s a lot of great information.

It appears that two of the images may not show up for the Batch Modification report. 
First image for reading the report.

Second image is one real report from the download file: