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PC Training Video & Manual

Quick PC Handbook Video Training:

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RINOs in Arizona

Below is a list of the Republicans In Name Only in Arizona and what they have done to earn that […]

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The primary tenets of our AFPP.RED mission is to “Identify, Recruit, Train, Organize and Collaborate — America First Precinct Committeemen — to do exactly what you are doing:

1) Become a PC

2) Be a leader and touchpoint for others in your own family/neighborhood/apartment complex/HOA/Precinct/Church/School or whatever/wherever it is you have influence.

3) Register and help others verify/update their Voter Registration.

4) Attend and encourage others to join you at your LD meetings and other “Events and Efforts that Matter*”

5) Vote-against any anti-AF rule/policy/candidate or decision that you are able to vote on; Educate and Influence others to do the same.

This includes writing/emailing/calling/RTS’ing/meeting with elected officials and attending boards/meetings/legislative & council sessions.

6) Either running for, or supporting other strong AF candidates who are committed, electable, and have aptitude or experience to make change happen.

7) As you find your role and influence expanding – you will suddenly realize that you are not only making change happen – you are also making change happen in others.

The MOST HORRIFYING REALITY of any oppressive regime is when they KNOW and CANNOT STOP people from gathering, talking and organizing their own agenda.

When you sit in that boring or sometimes frustrating LD meeting – know that your mere presence makes the purple hair on the necks of leftists stand on end. Keep Doing It!

*Meaningful Events and Efforts that Matter:

Avoid attending any protest or event that is either organized by idiots, or organized for an idiotic purpose.